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The 19–20th-century home of the Nádasdy family comes to life as a “Mansion of Legends” in the eyes of the visitors. Those who pay a visit to the mansion may either walk around the building individually along a proposed route, or enjoy a guided tour to get acquainted with the former residence of the Nádasdys. The self-guided tour is made possible by short captions and descriptions placed in the exhibition spaces, as well as visual guides available both for adults and children, stratified in terms of the amount of information, and can be read on tablets or downloaded to the visitor’s own device. Smaller or larger groups may ask for an individual (separate) tour guide.


The Atmosphere of the Aristocratic World - contemporary mansion interior

Ferenc Nádasdy memorial room - his own graphics

We would like to introduce the following main topics to the visitors of the mansion:


  • the legendary love of Count Ferenc Nádasdy and Countess Ilona Zichy, and other Nádasdys in love
  • the revival of the Nádasdys (17-19th centuries)
  • the respect for the Nádasdy ancestors and the cult of family members who died young
  • the construction history of the mansion and the English landscape park
  • the English buildings and sample books that have served as models for designing the mansion
  • the family collections
  • the modern technical equipment of the building
  • life at the mansion
  • the athletes of the family
  • manorial management

The exhibition introduces visitors to all of the above in an interactive way. Visitors can gain insight into the social life of the time, as well as the etiquette – which now seems charmingly strict – that regulated it.

Main attractions and fascinating facts:
  • Following the restoration works, the original portrait paintings, preserved in the Historical Picture Gallery of the National Museum, will be returned to the Hall of Ancestors, thus completely and authentically restoring the imposing space, the most beautiful gallery of ancestors in Hungary.
    • The story of the family members appearing in the portraits is extremely exciting and worth presenting, so the characters bring to life the most interesting ones to visitors in an animated film. Preserving the integrity of the beautiful historical space, we placed this projection in the cellar apse under the Hall of Ancestors, where the visitor becomes part of the story with the help of the space experience created by projection mapping technology and special lighting conditions.
    • Through interiors similar to the original, and modern digital technology, visitors can gain insight into the history and everyday life of the mansion, use the replica furniture, flip through copies of contemporary newspapers, and consume coffee, sandwiches, and cakes in the former dining room, as if visiting the family.
    • Visitors can try on the reproductions of clothes seen in the paintings, and they may also use the devices (talk tube, telegraph) that evoke the modern technical equipment of the house.
    • You may browse the contemporary English sample books and copies of the original blueprints used to design the mansion in the library, or with the help of an application, you can “build” a mansion you like from the given parts.
    • For child visitors, there is a playroom with replicas of contemporary toys that can be tried out, and for groups of children a well-equipped museum pedagogical space and activities are available.
    • The viewing roof of the clock tower can be visited with a separate ticket; here visitors may not only admire the view, but with the help of a chronoscope device they can “look” from above into the turn-of-the-century rooms furnished on the basis of archive photos.
    • The visit is also supported by a visual guide tool, which can be rented on tablets or in a version downloadable onto the mobile devices of visitors. On these – not otherwise available in the exhibition – the visitor can find additional curiosities, may embark on a virtual time travel, and use the audio guide function.