Getting there

Nádasdladány is 16 km from the Szabadbattyán junction of the M7 motorway; go to Sárszentmihály via Szabadbattyán, from where the mansion is just 9 km away. Signs indicate Nádasdladány all the way.

You can reach the mansion through the village of Ősi, 11 km after Várpalota, on main road 8.


The entire ground floor section of the main building of the mansion as well as the Visitor Centre are wheelchair accessible.


You have to get off buses departing from Székesfehérvár, Várpalota and Jenő either at the Nádasdladány, Jenő junction or at the Nádasdladány, Arany J. u. (Arany János street) bus stop. 

GPS coordinates:
47.1337507864, 18.2395718895