We designed the exhibition with children in mind. Maintaining the attention of the little ones and teaching in an entertaining way are a huge challenge, which we have addressed by employing interactive tools for several age groups, placed in the exhibition space. Toys in the playrooms, as well as a working diorama and dollhouse models await the little ones upstairs. In addition, content written specifically for them is available on exhibition panels displayed at children’s eye level, and on the digital exhibition guide (Visual Guide). Worksheets – given to child visitors on receipt of the entrance ticket – related to the exhibitions, as well as a longer, extended family activity book available in the gift shop (the playful tasks of which are also related to the exhibition), serve this purpose as well.


  • The museum pedagogical sessions available for groups are primarily aimed at groups of children of primary school and kindergarten age, but any age group can take advantage of the sessions that thematically process the smaller units of the mansion.
  • Museum classes presenting the diplomatic role of the mansion mainly concern the upper primary and secondary school age groups with historical knowledge.
  • Interactive sessions on the count’s suites and aristocratic life, as well as related workshops are recommended for the primary school age group.
  • Sessions presenting the mansion as a living museum provide an experience mainly for children of kindergarten and lower primary school age.
  • In the activity room created for the purpose of holding workshops, groups can supplement the classes with creative activities, and children can solve interactive tasks related to the exhibition on the touch screen interface located here.
  • Worksheets that can be used individually or in groups allow you to get to know the exhibition actively without having to participate in a museum pedagogical session.
  • Children with reduced mobility can visit the rooms located on the ground floor.  With the help of a touch screen device located on the ground floor, they may take a virtual walk in the upstairs rooms of the mansion and take part in some of the museum pedagogical sessions too.