Nádasdy Mansion in Nádasdladány has been renovated within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP), thanks to the resources provided by the Government of Hungary and the European Union, during the National Palace and National Castle Programme coordinated by the National Heritage and Development Nonprofit Ltd., from a HUF 1.5 billion European Union fund (GINOP 7.1.1-15-2015-00001) and HUF 212,044,159, coming from domestic sources.

Several successful investments have already materialised in Nádasdy Mansion and its park in Nádasdladány, through which the mansion has been partially revived. Within the framework of the National Palace and National Castle Programme, the representative areas on the ground floor of the mansion have been completely restored, the exhibition space has been renewed and its size significantly increased, and the richly furnished historical spaces are now complemented by modern content and interactive elements. Space for children’s workshops and museum pedagogical sessions has also been created upstairs. Operating rooms have been established on all three levels of the mansion. In the oldest, Schmidegg wing of the building, reinforcement work required for static reasons has been completed at this stage.

The park has also been renovated, and in addition to the partial restoration of the historic garden promenade system, tree maintenance and gardening work necessary for the safe access to the park has been carried out throughout the entire area of the mansion garden. The dried-up pond of the mansion park has also been revived with an insulated riverbed and the artefacts needed to ensure the water supply.
2000 m2 of the mansion and 22 hectares of the park have been affected by the development.

The Elements of Tourism Development

Modelled on 16th-century English and Scottish mansions, the historicist mansion built at the end of the 19th century and the exhibition created by modern, 21st-century museum presentation standards – in addition to architectural curiosities – familiarises visitors in an interactive way with the history of the Count Nádasdy family who had commissioned the construction, the legendary love relationship of the couple who commissioned the building of the mansion, as well as the daily lives of the owners and staff.

Visitors may take a seat in the interiors furnished with contemporary and replica furniture, read in the library, or have a coffee in the conservatory – to be rebuilt – as if they were paying a visit to the family. With the aid of the Visual Guide and touch-screen descriptions and games, the visitor can gain insight into the mansion’s original furnished spaces, or even become a master of 19th-century interior design and salon conversation etiquette. In the Hall of Ancestors, which has been uniquely preserved in the country, famous family members appearing in original paintings and reproductions tell their stories to visitors “in person”, in the virtual experience space located in the basement. A 3D model projected with shadow play animation gives a taste of the history of the mansion’s heyday and decline.

The mansion park, which has been made accessible again, provides a venue for both functions and family programmes; visitors may row a boat or try setting off a sailboat model on the revived pond. They can learn about the cultural and natural values of the historic gardens in a playful way on the built-up educational trails, and with a little luck, they can also see the rare and protected inhabitants of the park, in the vicinity of the outdoor feeders and nests.